Our Services

  • Recruitment


    Recruitment is all about people and with a network of more than a million specialized IT Professionals; IT recruitment is our core strength.

  • Freelancing


    PartNetPro offers many options in this segment. Be it a particular skill or budget or a specific service level it can all be met through our large pool of specially selected and screened freelancers.

  • Subcontracting


    These days, many IT companies and agencies prefer to sub contract some parts or projects from their large accounts. This is primarily done to ensure quality work and adherence to project timelines.

  • Business Lead Sharing

    Business Lead Sharing

    Business 'lead sharing' is an innovative service offered by PartNetPro where companies/individuals or consultants/managers/team leads could list potential projects or technology/business leads or cross reference projects on the portal which can be picked up by potential organizations/freelancers or by other companies to pursue into full projects.

  • Training


    Technology is revolutionizing the business landscape. Online tools, advanced software and innovative methods have been employed to design and ensure accessibility, quality and participation on each of PNP's online training programs.

  • Advisory


    This is a unique feature of PartNetPro, where companies can avail of expert IT advisory services from industry experts and business leaders for customized solutions for their company or business specific issues.


Our Technologies


    SAP is Enterprise software that is used to manage business operations and customer relations across various sectors and industries.

  • OracleOracle

    PartNetPro offers a comprehensive Network of professionals & organizations with extensive experience in Oracle ERP , Oracle analytics , Oracle database etc.

  • AnalyticsAnalytics

    PartNetPro analytics offering include Business Intelligence, Corporate performance management, Big data , data visualization across key products i..e SAP BO, ORACLE , Qlikview , tableau

  • MicrosoftMicrosoft

    MICROSOFT service offering includes application development, maintenance, SharePoint, ERP & CRM. Through our extensive network of experienced freelancer's & Organization's we strive to provide customized, cost effective and cutting edge business solutions.

  • Accounting & FinanceMicrosoft

    This is one of the key functions of almost every business which is handled by an chartered accountant or a Bookkeeper. PartnetPro offers a Network of professionals & organization's possessing multiple years extensive experience in Accounting, MIS reporting, Budgeting, Legal consolidation, Audit , Risk assurance, fund management etc for your customised for your business needs.

  • Web TechnologyWeb Technology

    PartNetPro offers professional's and organization's with wide range of web technology i.e PHP, .Net , JAVA , SEO , Content writing , Digital Marketing, UI/UX etc.


About PartnetPro

PartNetPro is an organised online market place for corporate companies and individuals to showcase their business or individual professional portfolio, generate qualified business leads & associate for professional contracts. Our forte lies in providing our audience an access to filtered, authenticated and trustworthy client-vendor need based information and professional service exchange platform. As the name of the company suggests, we help develop Partners Network for seeking and rendering Professional services.

Our core philosophy 'Help develop an ecosystem that enables Organizations & Professional's to choose right project partner's and contribute in churning business unit goals and profitability'.

Find Freelance Jobs Online

Partnertpro.com is a favourite among freelancers as it has a lot to offer! A lot of freelancers have signed up with our site and are quite happy with the volume of work they are getting. It does not matter if you are a beginner in the freelancing world or are a pro; you have access to clients all over the world through our site. You never know when you get your hands on a client who is ready to pay you handsomely!

How does partnetpro.com work?

You can sign up at our site and find freelance jobs online. You can go through the number of job postings available. The list of postings is categorized according to your skills and you are free to apply for any posting you find interesting. When you are interviewed by the potential client or if you get hired, you can track the number of hours you worked for and check the status of the project. You will then get paid directly through our site once the client is satisfied with your work. The payment method is transparent and reliable at our site.

How should you go about it?

  • Fill in your profile and upload samples of your work. As clients will get in touch with you based on this, you have to make a good and lasting impression.
  • Linking an option for withdrawing money may take a while to set up so you should do it as soon as you start taking up assignments.
  • For each job you apply, it is advised that you provide a cover letter just like how it should be for a regular job.

Keep in mind

Don't get upset about not getting a high-paying job initially. It may take some time for you to get established. Till then take up the assignments that come by even if they are not paying you too well. You need to gain experience and a positive feedback to get better-paying clients in the future.

Always leave a feedback after you complete a project because when you do this, your client's feedback will appear on your profile.

Don't hesitate from trying your hand at different kind of assignments as it will help you learn more.

Partnetpro.com is a great freelancing website for all those who want to find freelance jobs onlineandmake the most out of their freelancing career. Don't miss the golden opportunity and sign up right away!

Hire Freelancers

Freelancers are in huge demand these days. It is better to hire freelancers than hiring full-time employees, especially for small businesses and startups.

Advantages of employing freelancers

1) You can save money

As a business owner, when you employ a full-time employee, you need to give him or her lot of additional benefits like paid leave, bonus and health insurance. However, when you choose a freelancer for the same task, you need not bother about such formalities. This way you only have to pay the freelancer for the job he/she does for you and can thereby save money. Moreover, freelancers use their own laptop/PC and you need not bear the overheads as in the case of full-time employees who have to be given a work desk and computer.

2) You can save time

When you want to hire a full-time employee, you have to advertise for the job vacancy, shortlist candidates and interview people. This takesaway a major chunk of your time. On the other hand, when you choose to work with a freelancer, you can just post your requirement on our website, look up the matching profiles, hire the one you find suitable and give the assignment to that individual. After the work is done, you can make the payment. This way you save your time.

3) You can be assured of work efficiency

When you hire a freelancer, you need not worry about work quality as the freelancer's work efficiency is his or her selling point. Freelancers give their best to every assignment they work on so that they get hired infuture also. On the contrary, full-time employees may not put in enough efforts in their work as they know that they are on rolls and will get their salary.

How can you hire freelancers on partnetpro.com?

It is very easy to hire a freelanceron partnetpro.com. Our site is a huge marketplace for hiring freelancers. There are several skilled and talented professionals ready to offer their services.

When you want to hire a freelancer, you need to post your project on our site and then select the individual from a list of suitable profiles that match your need. You can speak to the freelancer through our site's chatting window and explain about the work. Once the assignment is submitted by the freelancer, you can check it, get completely satisfied and then make the payment. At partnetpro.com, hiring a freelancer and getting work done is super easy!