About Us

  • PartNetPro is an organised online market place for corporate companies and individuals to showcase their business or individual professional portfolio, generate qualified business leads & associate for professional contracts. Our forte lies in providing our audience an access to filtered, authenticated and trustworthy client-vendor need based information and professional service exchange platform. As the name of the company suggests, we help develop Partners Network for seeking and rendering Professional services.

  • Our core philosophy 'Help develop an ecosystem that enables Organizations & Professional's to choose right project partner's and contribute in churning business unit goals and profitability'.

  • Beyond connection we provide an easy access to network partners with hot lead's of:

  • 1) Project subcontracting
  • 2) Resource subcontracting
  • 3) Skilled Professional Resources as Freelancers
  • 4) Projects
  • 5) Business Leads
  • 6) Training
  • 7) Virtual Team
      • The company is at the forefront in redefining the market place to an alliance platform by creating confidential, user friendly experiences by giving world innovative and the most sought services that will simplify businesses. More than ecosystem we create value system based on facts, trust & bridging business needs.

      Our unique selling proposition

      • 1) We are a data house of experienced, hands on service professionals with proven and validated track record. We rank professionals based on accessibility, affordability, execution, past work history, work testimonials or ratings with PartNetPro and allocate service badges that help clients or prospects to identify the professional partner for goal
      • 2) System validated check's to access quality of Business leads uploaded & after thorough validation's they are being featured for share
      • 3) Rendezvous faraway trainers at PartNetPro's web meeting point
      • 4) Unique premium services that help meet potential partners for business expansion
      • 5) Coming soon is our Blogs services that will help connect with reputed or distinct bloggers who will help you create positive environment to offer your product or service
      • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/13389580/