How to Self-publish an eBook on Amazon

If you want to get published, waiting for the right Book Publisher in India is just a waste of time in this digital era. Today all you need is a good story, keyboard and internet. Amazon offers the largest book selling platform to authors. So grab the opportunity and here’s how to get started!

Why choose Amazon

Why not Amazon? It’s more than a web store or a shopping cart that you can imagine. Amazon, as an ecommerce website, offers limitless opportunities to authors (especially, first-time authors!). There are lots of things that only a few people know about Amazon.

Amazon has emerged as one of the most popular paid search engines of the world. It’s not like people go to every search engine with their credit cards to buy things like they do with Amazon.

Amazon is a great place to market your books. As you begin to sell a particular number of copies, it will refer your title to those who have never heard of it.

There are few places like Amazon where you can publish your book online. For instance, Orange Publishers helps young authors get their books published in different platforms with editorial assistance. With Amazon you can upload your eBook in 24 hours.

So, if you are all set with your brain and keyboard, you are just a few steps away from getting published. Check out the guide to self publishing on Amazon.

Step 1: Keep your target audience in mind

When you are writing an eBook, you need to define your audience.

Who is going to be your reader? How do you want them to feel? Will they get any lesson? How can you impact your readers’ mind with your words? These are some of the questions that you can ask yourself before you actually start writing for a section of audience.

Some writers target creative minded people while some choose to cover a large section of readers. When Seth Godin writes his eBooks, he writes mostly for marketers, entrepreneurs and crowdfunders.

Step 2: Start writing your eBook

The second step is obviously to begin writing. Once you start, process in three stages.

Get it all out: You have opened a blank page on your computer. Now whatever ideas you have on your mind let them all flow. You can begin with sketching out every chapter and then put your ideas, create scenes and go ahead with the story. But also make a table of contents.

Review what you write: Once you finish writing, take some time to review the work. Make changes here and there, if needed. You can also ask for feedback from your friend or close relatives.

Edit your script: At this stage, you can hire a professional who has a good command over the language and knows about editing style and structure. The professional team at Orange Publishers offers great editorial assistance at lucrative package.

Not every two manuscript has the same story to tell, but this three stage plan will help you get the work done without stopping many times.

Step 3: Design and format

As soon as you are done with writing and editing your book, here’s what you need to do next.

You can download a few formatting tools like Kindle Previewer, KindleGen, Kindle Plugin for Adobe InDesign and Kindle MAC app. If you don’t have InDesign, you can use Kindle Previewer and KindleGen. With Kindle Previewer you can save your file in .mobi format and see a preview of it. However, if you are not confident about the format and design of your book, you can take the help of a professional. Do not compromise on your most cherished dream for a few bucks.

Step 4: Upload on Amazon

After your book is all decked up, it’s time to set her free. If you have little idea about uploading your first book through KDP and Amazon publishing submission guidelines, here go by the following stages.

  • Log onto and create an account in Amazon.
  • Register and give your tax info for royalty purpose.
  • Fill out the form with your book title, description, keywords so that readers can find your book.
  • Upload the cover file in .jpeg format and then the entire manuscript.
  • To check if your book has been uploaded well, get it tested with Amazon’s online viewer.
  • Now click ‘save and continue’ and go to ‘rights and pricing’ page. There click on ‘worldwide rights’.
  • Next, you will be given two choices for Amazon self publishing royalties- 70% and 35%. You can choose the 70% royalty rate for maximum benefit, but check the criteria well. Once you are done with this, go to ‘save and publish’ option. In a day or two, you will receive an email from Amazon when you are book is on the readers’ list.

Step 5: Promote

The work of self publishing does not end with uploading the book. Unless your book reaches out to the maximum number of readers, it does not bring much profit. So you need to do promotion. But how? Ask people to leave reviews after they are done with reading. Not all reviews need to be positive. Feedback and critique will also give it some authority. If you are a blogger, you can also pitch in about your book in your blogs. You can use word of mouth and social media platforms to spread words about your newly released book.  

So, now that you know how to self publish a book, pour out your ideas and gear up to fulfill your dream.