SAP is an Enterprise software that is used to manage business operations and customer relations across a diverse range of sectors and industries. The Enterprise Resource Planning, which is also known as the ERP system enables users/small & medium businesses to run their business processes including cross functional domains like Accounts, Sales, Production, Human Resource & Finance to work as an integrated environment. The integration ensures a seamless flow of information across verticals that facilitate effective use of resources, including time, production capacity, manpower & machines.

Due to SAP's wide acceptability and usage, people technically qualified to work on it are always in demand by various sectors of the industry. PartNetPro has a rigorous screening process wherein each candidate undergoes a written test and a technical interview to make it to the pre-selection list. The results of which can be viewed by the potential employer.

PartNetPro offers specially selected professionals that work as developers, coders, consultants, integrators, and business analysts who are also experts in ABAP, Java, .NET, SOA, and other technologies. These professionals possess the technical knowledge, experience and expertise in analytics and dashboards along with know-how on the industry best practices, S/4HANA product which is used on the three big public cloud vendors (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services), mobile, big data & a range of other subjects. The hand picked team of professionals can be trusted with building customized and simple solutions to all technical and complex SAP requirements.